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Welcome to our website and our gîtes. Both our gîtes are located in our spacious garden of our domain called ''Garbe''. Both our house and the gîtes are typical for the region in sunny Southern France. ''Garbe'' is the french word for sheaf; like in a sheaf of grain. Although grain is certainly not the dominant crop of the region, it shares the landscape with sunflowers and vineyards, which does reflect the rustic and rural feel of the Gers. If a Frenchman were to describe the Gers, he would probably define it as a quiet, tranquil place where people have a relaxed lifestyle and where everything can also be taken care of ''tomorrow''. Although touristic activities and feasting are not missing,especially in the summer, a busy Parisian would probably not know the region, and could just reply ''The Gers? Where is that?''. It is true that the Gers is not the best know region in France mainly because there is no industry allowed apart from the traditional ones. All the better for us, since the Gers basically means, fresh air, good food, wine, canard (duck) and tranquility.



Both our gîtes are well equipped, so that you can fully enjoy your stay at the countryside. Although would probably want to discover the taste of the region and eat outdoors as much as possible, the kitchen is provided with everything you could possibly need. You want to bake a cake? Just heat an easy Pizza? Everything is there.

- Dutch tv, but of course also English spoken channels such as BBC and CNN. It is maybe good to know that all movies broadcasted on Dutch television are in their language of origin.
- A Large outdoor pool.
- Pets are allowed, as long as you do not bring a pet shop along.
- Foldable Children's bed.
- A large garden to be enjoyed.
- Wheelchair friendly designed gîtes.

Wheelchair friendly designed gîtes :

Our gîtes are specially designed to welcome people having a disability. Of course people without a disability are just as welcome. All the bathrooms are spacious enough to allow wheelchair access having no thresholds just like the other rooms. Also both the terraces are well accessible and the pool is equipped with large descending steps. The owner of the gîtes is a qualified nurse, having many years of experience. If there is any specific care you need you can just ask.


Ceriel en Ria Manche

32250 Labarrere, Frankrijk
Tel : 033562292617
Email : manchegoddeline@wanadoo.fr