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The Gers, what can I do there?

The Gers is a tranquil and quiet place, but besides sitting in the sun, taking a swim in the pool, and enjoying the scenery there are many things to do especially in the summer. Throughout the summer there are plenty of markets all differently specialized.

SOS offering local delicacies/regional products

My personal favorite is the local high end products market in SOS. This market is a combination between a traditional food market, and the regional feasting where everybody eats at long tables chanting and drinking wine. The market has a variety of stands, including home made apple juice, home made chips (everything is homemade), salads with foie gras, and fresh fruit salads. The idea is that you buy different dishes at different stands thereby making your own dinner then joining one of the long tables and enjoy the warm summer evening.

Hiking or Biking trips

The Gers has been hosting pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela for decades, and is still keeping alive this tradition. The paths leading to Spain are still in use and are fairly well maintained. Local people as well as tourist often go hiking for a few days. If you would like to go hiking in the region there are three main paths which traverse the Gers, the actual historical Santiago pilgrim paths and two others having less historical value. For more information about hiking, biking, horse riding, canoeing, and rover trips have a look at

The Romans

The Romans largely settled in the region of the Gers, leaving us museums and old vestiges to visit. At only five kilometers from ''Garbe'' you can visit an old roman village, the ''villa gallo-romaine'', at which reenactments are sometimes held in the summer. Fifteen kilometers away from our gites is a museum featuring many Roman artifacts, but also objects going back to the stone and middle ages. In the same city a Roman festival is also held every summer, including reenactments and a roman chariot race. This all, of course, is combined with exuberant meals and no modest amounts of wine.

Antiquity and flee markets

If you are an antiquities fanatic the Gers can be a real good place to visit. Antiquity markets are widely spread and since local interest in antiquities is rather low prices are still fair. For a real good bargain one should give the flee markets a try. Flee markets are held in every small village in the summer and is the place make great finds.

Charming old towns and villages

The Gers is full of them. You can just hop in your car and follow a random sign heading to the nearest village. The most charming of them being fortified cities such as the village of Larressingle In Larressingle there is a museum, shops selling medieval products, art exhibitions of local artists and a reenactment area located in the moat open for the public to participate in. The gites are themselves located only five kilometres from the charming village of Montréal du Gers, where also sited are the archeological finds of the Gallo-Roman. For more beautiful villages in France, visit the site